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Science & Technology on Bio-hylic and Biomass Resources in China: A Roadmap to 2050
Xinshi Zhang, Hongwen Huang 编著
科学出版社 2009年10月出版
定价:124.00 语种:英文
标准书号:978-7-03-025639-3 装帧:平装
版本:第一版 英文版 开本:大16开
责任编辑:王静,王海光 字数:230千字
读者对象:本科以上文化程度 页数:175
书类:资料与综述 册/包:9
编辑部: 科学生物分社
As one of the eighteen field-specific reports comprising the comprehensive scope of the strategic general report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this sub-report addresses long-range planning for developing science and technology in the field of bio-hylic and biomass resources.They each craft a roadmap for their sphere of development to 2050. In their entirety, the general and sub-group reports analyze the evolution and laws governing the development of science and technology, describe the decisive impact of science and technology on the modernization process, predict that the world is on the eve of an impending S&T revolution,and call for China to be fully prepared for this new round of S&T advancement. Based on the detailed study of the demands on S&T innovation in China’s modernization, the reports draw a framework for eight basic and strategic systems of socio-economic development with the support of science and technology, work out China’s S&T roadmaps for the relevant eight basic and strategic systems in line with China’s reality, further detail S&T initiativesof strategic importance to China’s modernization, and provide S&T decision-makers with comprehensive consultations for the development of S&T innovation consistent with China’s reality. Supported by illustrations and tables of data, the reports provide researchers,government officials and entrepreneurs with guidance concerning research directions, the planning process, and investment.
Founded in 1949, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the nation’s highest academic institution in natural sciences.Its major responsibilities are to conduct research in basic and technological sciences, to undertake nationwide integrated surveys on natural resources and ecological environment, to provide the country with scientific data and consultations for government’s decision-making, to undertake government-assigned projects with regard to key S&T problems in the process of socio-economic development, to initiate personnel training, and to promote China’s high-tech enterprises through its active engagement in these areas.
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